I was appointed president of Toyo Trading Co., Ltd. as a successor to Mr. Kenji Okasaka
on 25th May, 2021. The automobile industry is said to be in a period of great change once in 100 years, and a big change is expected in future. Therefore, we will continue to take on new challenges so that we can contribute to “Human’s Safety and Development of Region” through our supply of Auto Spare Parts as our corporate principle.

We will continue to work hardly with manufacturers to supply our customers safe and high quality products promptly, and catch up with quick changes in society and each market.
We aim to be a company that constantly creates new value.

Takashi Sakamoto, President

We have been always considering how we can contribute to
"Human Safety and LocalGrowth".

Even faced with unforeseeable global economy and unstable international situations, Japanese automobiles have been highly developed over years by properly coping with the scarcity of available natural resources and the environmental problems.

For more than a half century since established in 1956, we are proud of what we are now as a trading company, which is specialized in Auto Spare Parts and Accessories for automobiles and construction machineries. We would like to sincerely express our dearest gratitude for a great deal of efforts that the forerunners both within our company and in the same industry have restlessly made in pioneering the markets, and long-standing endeavor that manufacturers continuously made in improving the quality and surviving the fierce global competitions.

With our traditional business activity of importing and exporting Auto Spare Parts and Accessories, we have been always considering how we can contribute to ”Human Safety and Local Growth”, which is our corporate principle, and further how we, at both corporate and individual levels, should do and can do toward the future. We never fail to keep in our mind “heart to heart” interactive between people manufacturing, using, and selling, amid the time when a massive flood of information can be transmitted from one point to the other in a moment.

Kenji Okasaka, Former President

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